Cosplay Contest:

There will be three cosplay events to participate in, each with prizes: Beginner, Advanced, and Hallway. Registration is required to participate in the first two, but not the Hallway category. Each attendee may participate in one competition with one costume only.

​​● Beginner: This category is for those who aren't super confident in their abilities, signup required--1st Place: $25 vendor room credit
● Advanced: This is for those who have a little more experience signup required--1st Place: $50 vendor room credit
●Hallway: This is for people walking the halls, no signup required--1st Place: free registration into next year's convention

AMV Contest:

AMVs must be submitted by the creator in advance (youtube or other links please, no file attachments unless absolutely necessary) to [email protected]. AMVs having placed in other AMV contests will not be considered for the contest, but may be shown during the convention.

Animusical Quiz:

Participants will hear a number of audio clips taken from anime related songs and they will have to identify or guess what series or movie it came from. No advance signup necessary. Of the submissions with all correct answers (or of the submissions with the most correct answers), one winner will be chosen to receive a 5000 JPY iTunes (JP) gift card <code>.


There will be karaoke! One or both nights! Not sure yet!