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09.23.15: Mogchelle

Last Cosplay Guest
We are one month away from Kabochacon 2015! With that, we'd like to announce our last--and certainly not least--guest, Mogchelle!

Starting out as an average geek at a Japanese Animation convention in 1999, Michelle Mussoni (aka Mogchelle, aka Cospinay) has since won countless awards for both craftsmanship and performance, on national and international levels. Mogchelle will be at Kabochacon in 2015 with a couple of workshops for the purpose of “spread[ing] her love for DIY costumes for the average person who can't shell out thousands of dollars for wearable art.”

Full bio here

09.17.15: Syrin

Cosplay Guest
Syrin has been in love with steampunk since 2009 and is coming to Kabochacon to instruct us in the ways of "punking up" historical costumes! She'll also be doing some Dragon Age panels too!


We found a bunch of stuff

Help us get rid of this stuff! Find us on Facebook, like our page, share our giveaway post, and then comment with the prize you want for a chance to win! Head over to our giveaway page for more info!

09.10.15: Dsv101

Chiptune 4/3
Last chiptune artist, we promise. Dsv101 (David Vandal) is our last musical guest for 2015! He'll be playing sets with the rest of them on Friday and Saturday! Read more about him here!

09.09.15: Cooshinator

Chiptune 3/3
Chiptune artist Cooshinator will be jamming with us on Saturday night only! Pre-reg closed Monday, so if you haven't already pre-registered, you'll have to pay at the door!

09.08.15: SSD Engage

More Chiptune Guys

Ohio native chiptune band SSD Engage will be at Kabochacon! More on the guests page!

09.02.15: Voice Actress


Voice actress Madeline Actrice (aka Peepsiboo) will be at Kabochacon this year giving insight into the world of voice acting(/actressing?) and how she got started for herself! Read her bio on our guests page!

08.24.15: Chiptunes

Listen to this

Remember that chiptune artist we mentioned over two weeks ago? We're ready to talk about him! Volt 44 hails from SLC and plays chiptune music from a gameboy, would you believe that? How well does that fit our retro gaming theme? You got it, 100/100. Go check out his bio on our guests page! Additionally, there will be at least 3 other chiptune artists local to Ohio that will be joining him. That announcement will be coming later.

We'll be out in Chicago at Anime World Expos this weekend with a little something special just for AWX attendees! If you haven't [won] already, go participate in our tag5 contest on Facebook for a chance to win a free pass to Kabochacon!

08.08.15: Theme Announcement!

Retro Gaming

Kabochacon's theme for 2015 has inadvertently become: Retro Gaming! Waking up early on Saturday morning to eat cereal and play Ninja Turtles II on the NES in our pajamas, only to have Mom tell us to turn it off and do our chores is a fond memory for many of us. Maybe it was Space Invaders or Banjo-Kazooie, but the title screens and cartridges of our favorites invoke thoughts of a simpler time. Come play retro games provided by Pittsburgh Retro Gaming and enjoy musical performances from our yet-to-be-announced chiptune artist(s)!

06.08.15: Nameless Mascot Crisis!

We need your help!

Our mascot still doesn't have a name! Head over to The Official Mascot Naming Post on Facebook and vote with your likes! Don't see a name you like? Suggest one yourself!

29.07.15: Tag-5

Tag all the friends!

The Tag-5 contest on Facebook is coming to a close! We will be announcing a few different winners on Saturday! Make sure to tag your friends by Friday evening to be entered!

24.07.15: Vidya

From Pittsburgh!

The Good folks at PRG* will be visiting Kabochacon and sharing their impressive retro gaming collection in the game room!

23.07.15: Special Guest!

Our First Cosplay Guest

Jennifer Taylor will be at Kabochacon on Saturday as a panelist and cosplay judge! Read more about her on our new guests page!

02.07.15: Lots of Little Things

Events, artist applications, and Facebook pages

Kabochacon's signature event will be the Kabocha (pumpkin) Carving Contest! Details to follow.

Pokémon League confirmed! Rules here. Apply to be a Gym Leader here!

Masquerade rules are now up! Register here!

"Always wanted to do a workshop, talk about a topic in anime, or present on something else in the anime scene? Then apply to be a panelist today!"

We've received a number of artist applications just in one day! We'll be accepting applications for a new artist until July 8th! If you or someone you know is interested, send an e-mail to [email protected]!

We've created Facebook event and public group pages! Go get in on that!

30.06.15: Last Call for Pre-Reg Alpha

among other things
Today is the last day to register for just $25! The room block should be opened up now, and the previously referenced Dayton Animaid Café will officially be called The Otaku Clubhouse

The Otaku Clubhouse presents: The Board Game Café
Welcome to the Clubhouse, where new experiences await. The Otaku Clubhouse is a cosplaying troupe who bring their varied talents to create fun and unique anime based events. For Kabochacon 2015, we are running a maid/butler café style event in which we will showcase several anime themed card, board, and role-playing games for your enjoyment. From smaller “Appetizers” like Seven Samurai, to “Entrees” like Legend of the Five Rings or Super Dungeon Explore, to sweet “Dessert” party games. If those aren't to your taste, we have several off menu options like Settlers of Catan or Boss Monster. Everyone is welcome and it would be our pleasure to serve you at Kabochacon 2015!

27.06.15: Big Changes

That tumblr widget was a hot mess. This is only slightly better.

Due to an unanticipated response from the community, we're going to have to move to a larger venue. The Holbrooke Conference Center (part of Hope Hotel) is just such a place. Un/fortunately this also means a change in date to the 23rd and 24th of October. Yes, we are entirely aware that this is in direct compeititon with Armageddon Expo Auckland in New Zeland, but our hands are tied.

Also, the Dayton Animaid Café* will be presenting board games featuring many Japanese/anime-themed titles such as Tanto Cuore, Tragedy Looper, and Machi Koro in a unique restaurant setting. You’ll also be permitted to order off the menu for worldwide classics like Settlers of Catan, Resistance, or Pandemic.
*Name subject to change

It's not too late to pre-register for only $25! The deadline is quickly approaching, don't miss out!

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