Volt 44

Volt 44 is a solo 8-bit project from musician/programmer Christopher Voss based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Music is composed using Schism Tracker as well as LSDJ, a sequencer written for the Gameboy. Backed by both male and female vocals, Volt 44 is an eclectic blend of synth pop and punk rock, with a focus on hope in times of darkness.

CJ Bocchan

CJ began his cosplaying at a young age learning from scratch about the convention scene with family. At the age of fifteen was the beginning of his Performance career in masquerades allover the USA. Making lots of costumes, advocating for cosplayers against bullying, doing panels, and general fun hoopla have become the staple of this cosplayer's fun and dreams. "As a part of Kangyaru Cosplay I am afforded the opportunity to enjoy performance with my friends exploring all that nerdom has with antics, if I have learned one thing is that cosplay continues to grow and adapt and I'm sailing along with it."
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Pittsburgh Retro Gaming

Pittsburgh Retro Gaming* will be bringing your childhood gaming memories back from the past with an assortment of games and systems (Nintendo, Sega, etc.) complete with old CRT monitors for the full effect! Sitting on the floor eating cereal in pajamas not included.

*PRG is a Facebook group for retro gaming enthusiasts in the Pittsburgh area, not to be confused with the Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Expo

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor has 12 years of experience in cosplaying and 10 years in making costumes. Like most cosplayers, she first shared her love of the fandom through store-bought or thrifted costumes until becoming ambitious, like most villains, to make her own. She credits her husband Jason who first showed her how to use a sewing machine and how to plan and envision the creation process. Her first costume creation was ‘Sugar’ from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, and subsequent costumes included various “couples cosplays” with her husband. Jennifer has also worked with making costumes for small productions, and is one of the creative minds behind the concepts of the musicals that headline at Animation and Gaming Convention. Since that time she has worked to expand her skills to props and plushies; such as an 8’ long Appa plushie from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Puppets of Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy 9, and her genderbent Loki costume with a horned helmet. Look for her upcoming costumes of ‘The Creator God of Light Horakthy’ from Yu-Gi-Oh! and ‘Ronan The Accuser’ from Guardians of the Galaxy. You can see more of her work at I Am The Villain Cosplay on Facebook.

The Otaku Clubhouse

presents: The Board Game Café

Welcome to the Clubhouse, where new experiences await. The Otaku Clubhouse is a cosplaying troupe who bring their varied talents to create fun and unique anime based events. For Kabochacon 2015, we are running a maid/butler café style event in which we will showcase several anime themed card, board, and role-playing games for your enjoyment. From smaller “Appetizers” like Seven Samurai, to “Entrees” like Legend of the Five Rings or Super Dungeon Explore, to sweet “Dessert” party games. If those aren't to your taste, we have several off menu options like Settlers of Catan or Boss Monster. Everyone is welcome and it would be our pleasure to serve you at Kabochacon 2015!